Our Services

Our mission is to preserve live jazz music performances and embrace its growth through  promotion of concerts, jazz series and festivals in multicultural communities. These events will enhance the diversity and harmony of the smooth jazz community. In conjunction with professional live entertainment, Jazz Grooves will foster the artistic and creative endeavors of communities, while promoting the education of America’s major indigenous art form – jazz.

Jazz Grooves is built on the above mission with the belief that the performance of today’s music must be heard live and frequently to survive in the future. Outstanding performances require accomplished musicians. The development process of musicians begins in school music programs and our community. Jazz Grooves is dedicated to bringing live music and performance arts to our communities while supporting the constant improvement of the arts. It is our ultimate goal to ensure jazz continues to be  a vital and vibrant part of the local and national music scene.

We provide the following concert and entertainment services:

  • Smooth Jazz Concert Promotion
  • Entertainment Services
  • Event Consulting
  • Event Merchandising
  • Secondary Artist Management
  • Artist Marketing and Promotion

If you want to promote a smooth jazz event, but you don’t know how, WE CAN HELP!!